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arkbreaker dlc announcement DJ

Trion finally announced an approximate release date for the second DLC pack of Defiance yesterday. The DLC pack is named Arkbreaker and will be released in December for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. This DLC will add instanced arkfalls to Defiance as well as the ability to replay through all of the game’s story missions alongside other players co-op style. While we haven’t heard about all the new features included in Arkbreaker, the community team published a developer post where they stated more details would be revealed soon.

If you’ll remember back from when Defiance was released, the development team promised 5 DLC packs within the game’s first year. This number is beginning to look fairly unlikely for Trion to meet, unfortunately, but new content is new content– and definitely welcome.

Also, don’t forget to check out today’s Halloween-inspired plague sieges in Defiance!

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jackpot lock box

During last Friday’s Trion live stream, OverloadUT announced that plague sieges will be returning to Defiance as part of a little something extra special for Halloween. What’s Halloween without a few zombies, right? These sieges will show up along with Volge sieges, and will not replace them. They will also share the same scoring system. They will begin this coming Wednesday, starting at around 12 PM PST.

Trion’s also in the mood for a celebration this week. Why the celebration? RIFT‘s on Steam now! To celebrate, Trion is holding a week-long PC gaming event in both Defiance and RIFT.

For Defiance players, this means lockboxes! Jackpot lockboxes will be available for a limited time and contain four rare-or-better pieces of gear and a 50% chance at getting a second lockbox worth of gear. New Epic Mod Hoards are also now on the store. Ark hunters will also enjoy a 25% boost to loot drops and a 25% XP boost and weapon skill boost.

These bonuses and special items will stick around until Friday, November 1st.

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extra life 2013

Trion Worlds has big plans for Extra Life this year! Beginning this year on November 2nd, Extra Life is a 25-hour gaming fundraising event aimed to raise money for children’s hospitals. All of the proceeds will go directly toward the cause. Trion’s team consists of over 240 participants and their goal is to raise over $25,000. RIFT players and Defiance players can choose to participate in a variety of ways– they can join the Trion Worlds Extra Life team and take part in the day-long marathon, they can donate money toward the cause, or they can simply hang out with the team and support them as they live stream for the entire 25 hours.

There are in-game rewards for taking part in the event, of course. By participating as a team member or by donating, players will be eligible to receive RIFT titles, pets, and mounts as well as Defiance lockboxes. All team members will also get a free PC copy of Defiance and a starter pack for RIFT. Even players who are not taking part will be able to participate in the festivities by enjoying a weekend with game-wide experience and planar currency boosts as well as the return of corgi rifts in RIFT and a special Extra Life vendor in Defiance.

Check out all the details on the official Defiance website.

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1.105 weapon changes

Earlier this week, Defiance launched Patch 1.105. In this patch, the team made some sweeping changes to how many of the weapons in the game operate. Trick Dempsey mentioned these changes one month ago in his State of the Game address and addressed the main reason for making them– Trion wants players to have more fun choices when it comes to choosing what weapons to use.

Various effects on weapons have been changed significantly. There are a larger variety of weapon effects and as weapons increase in rarity, they also increase in the number of possible effects. While these changes mean that a lot of the newer weapons and upcoming weapons should be amazingly awesome, it unfortunately also means that many of the older weapons that players enjoyed using have not seen such significant changes. The goal here seems to be to encourage players to hunt down new weapons and experiment with their chosen arsenal, but many players feel like Trion simply went the easy route and didn’t change the older weapons as drastically due to time restraints.

Either way, change can be good, and having to hunt down some new favorite weapons isn’t always a bad thing, right? It gives ark hunters something new to aim for. Besides those smelly Hellbugs and Dark Matter dudes.

Check out Trion’s latest developer blog for more info.

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defiance dark matter arkfall DJ

In case you haven’t checked out Defiance lately, the game has not only recently launched a new DLC pack– the Castithan Charge Pack DLC– but it has also launched a brand new type of arkfall. These arkfalls are Dark Matter arkfalls, and contain some of the most dangerous dark matter enemies and technological creations found in the game.

There are four different types of dynamic arkfalls that can pop up anywhere. The most dangerous Dark Matter event is the “Extraction Force” multi-phase major event that takes place at the culmination of a major Dark Matter arkfall event. In this fight, you’ll face off against a Monolith.

For more information, check out our exclusive screenshots previewing on Junkies Nation, our brand new sister site that’s dedicated to gamers and geeks alike. You can also find more information on Trion’s developer blog and feature spotlight.

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convergance title

It’s been a little while since Trion’s issued an official state of the game update. Last Friday, Trick Dempsey, Defiance Creative Lead, did just that. In the update, he detailed a few of the improvements that Trion has planned for the game including weapon and shield improvements, inventory improvements aimed to get rid of the some of the loadout clunkiness, and social and objective interface improvements. Maybe we’ll finally get the chat interface fixed!

He also talked a bit about the game’s second DLC, which promises arkfall interiors, new boss encounters, and spikes and stims, which will be new power-up items. Check out the full state of the game letter for more information.

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It’s been long in the making, but it’s finally here! Welcome to Junkies Nation!

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Currently, we have multiple dedicated fansites covering MMORPGs from RIFT to Final Fantasy XIV that are run, not by us, but by gaming fanatics just like you that have become Site Operators. However, there’s more. A cornerstone community that grew from the Fires of Heaven guild came to a close in 2012 rather abruptly, but Junkies Nation took up the reins and kept the community alive at Many of the people that you will read articles from on Junkies Nation have come from this veteran community. Junkies Nation would not be where it is today without this amazing community.

From day one, we are dedicated to bringing you the most interesting rumors, tips, news and more from across the entertainment industry – TV, Games, Comics and Movies. As always, our central focus will always be Online Gaming.

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deal with it

While the Trion community team enjoys PAX Prime this weekend, we’ll also be able to enjoy a bit of a celebration at home– with in-game bonuses in Defiance! These bonuses are also Trion’s way of apologizing for the recent lag we’ve been experiencing in both Defiance and RIFT. The bonuses were announced on Twitter and include an extra 25% to our chances of receiving rare loot and an extra 25% that applies when receiving weapon skill and XP.

Also be sure to keep an eye out for all of this weekend’s live stream action and replay videos that are viewable on Trion’s TwtichTV channel.

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dlc charge

Yesterday was a bit of a wild ride for Defiance players who were hoping to pop in-game and enjoy a few rounds as a Castithan among all of the new content released in the big Castithan Charge Pack DLC. And by ‘wild ride’ I mean, well, not that smooth. PS3 users experienced the worst of the issues with the servers being offline until late evening and followed by the announcement that paid DLC content wouldn’t even be available for download until this morning. On top of that, the PS3 servers were still undergoing major timeout issues and still are as of publishing this update. Ouch.

With any luck, all issues will be fixed today. Until then, here was last night’s announcement regarding the PS3 update:

Originally posted by dahanese (Source)

8/20/13 – 6:00 PM PST At this time, the NA PS3 servers are up and open for players, with the situation described below.

Hey guys,

At this time, we are unlocking the servers for NA PS3. However, we are still experiencing a backend complication with the DLC and the PlayStation Store and are waiting to hear back from the PlayStation team to confirm and fix the problem. Our ETA on getting that response is tomorrow, so for tonight all paid Castithan Charge Pack content will be temporarily unavailable. In addition, users will not be able to purchase the DLC from the Playstation Store, as we have temporarily disabled the ability to do so – the last thing we want is for people to spend $9.99 and receive nothing.

All free content will be available to play as soon as we come back up, such as the Dark Matter arkfalls and Volge sieges.

Thanks – and if we hear anything sooner tonight we will of course let you know.

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dlc 1 video release date

Yesterday, Trion finally announced a release date for the long-awaited first DLC pack for Defiance. The Castithan Charge Pack DLC will be dropping on August 20th! The DLC will be adding the playable Castithan race along with new Volge Seige battles, battle arenas, a Castithan blade reward, player duels, a new 4-player Raptor Truck vehicle, new charge weapons such as pistols, shotguns, and sniper rifles, and new pursuits and story lines.

The Defiance Season Pass is still currently available for purchase, which gives players a sizable price reduction for the first 5 DLC packs including this one.

A super short video was also released along with the announcement. Keep reading to take a look.

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