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According to we are finding out that Syfy is aiming to have the show “has no firm launch date has been set for the series, but Syfy is looking at either late 2012 or summer 2013.”

Defiance has been given a thirteen episode order and I’m being told that production is due to start within the next few months (probably April) in Toronto, Canada. Writers Tim Walsh and Craig Gore have also signed up to the project along with director Scott Stewart.

Along with this news we get some insight on how the show will start off:

Defiance opens up with a flashback scene, set in the present day, which is narrated by main character Jeb Nolan. Through the on-screen scenes and the narration the audience will learn exactly what happened to Earth. In the present (presumably 2012 or 2013), alien ships enter Earth’s atmosphere, these aliens (who prefer to be called Votans rather than aliens) are fleeing their own solar system which has been destroyed and have come to earth seeking a new home. Shortly after their arrival negotiations begin between the aliens and the government(s) of Earth. After six years of negotiation, no agreement has been reached and a war begins between the two sides. By this time, Jeb Nolan (now sixteen years old) has enlisted in the military to fight for his people against these invading aliens.

We also get some interesting news regarding some of the cast:

Jeb Nolan

Much of this role is already known, given that Grant Bowler has already been cast. A former Marine who lost his family in the war, Nolan is the self appointed lawman of Defiance. He was 10 years old when the Votans first arrived. Upon returning to St Louis after the war to find Defiance, he becomes the local lawman of the town as he feels it is his town and he has a duty to protect it.


The Mayor of Defiance, the character has been described as being in her 40′s, Human and very sexy. A source likened her to the character of President Roslin from Battlestar Galactica


The right hand to Amanda, Datak’s role could be likened to that of White House Chief of Staff. He is married to Stahma


Datak’s faithful wife, this role was described as being very Lady Macbeth. Stahma is not satisfied with Datak’s station in Defiance and feels he (and by extension, She) should have more power. She comes from old money and is very cunning and arrogant, with a sense of entitlement.

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