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G4TV has a floor report on Defiance with Grant Bowler and Jessica Chobot.

Defiance won’t launch until April 2013, so early details are all we got at E3 2012, but it will feature a future earth in which humans and aliens are both sharing the planet. In this E3 2012 floor report video, Jessica Chobot talks with Grant Bowler, the actor who will play “Nolan.”

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The Escapist brings us their own opinion of Defiance from E3. This time the author gives us a his brief opinion on the dynamic system in the game, and this time the author was playing on a console rather than a PC.

While I was waiting for one of the developers during my demo, I picked up a controller and started playing. It only took a few seconds to figure out what I was supposed to do. Even though it’s an MMO, it’s completely intuitive to anyone who’s played a third-person shooter before, and it was nice to not need a bunch of instructions before I could proceed. I saw a marker on my map in the distance, hopped on an ATV, and made my way over to a massive fight between humans and Hellbugs, the nightmarish creatures that are the result of decades of war between Earthlings and aliens. I jumped into the action, helping my fellow humans take out the bugs and picking up some loot along the way.

At that point I was joined by a developer, who pointed out the ease with which I had gotten into the game. “That’s exactly what we were going for,” he told me. I was in the midst of an event that had changed a bright, sunny day to a gloomy one, and I went from objective to objective fighting bugs until the final challenge, an enormous creature that required teamwork and patience to take down. Throughout the entire demo, I never stopped having fun.

What’s cool is that while events like these will happen within the world of Defiance, participation in them is optional. Players can continue on other quests, and when the skies darken and the Hellbugs appear they can answer the call or ignore it entirely. This is similar to Trion’s MMO Rift, and seems to be working really well in that game, so it’s great to see that interesting element used in another game.

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The previews are being released from E3 as the press gets their hands on Defiance. Today we get’s William Murphys take on Defiance:

I asked Trion about the character, and was surprised to learn that Defiance is a classless game. You’ll gain levels and earn XP, but you don’t pick a class. The game’s diverse cache of weapons will help determine your role (healing guns siphon health from enemies to you and your teammates for instance). But more importantly, you’ll get skill points to deck out your character in whatever way you see fit. Spend it on stealth abilities, movement abilities, AOE damage skills, and so forth. But there are some crazy guns that can completely change your role in battle as well. My personal favorite was the Incubator: a weapon that fires alien eggs which stick to enemies, and as you fire more shots they pile up on him, growing, until they burst and the hatchlings attack the already injured foe beneath the rotten vitriolic sacks of otherworldly goop.

There are dungeons for team-based encounters, referred to simply as “co-op maps” here, and loot is mostly cosmetic based, with the stats and bonuses coming from mods you slot into your equipment. You can dress your guy up however you want, independent from your stats this way.

We get a bit of gameplay and game mechanic news here. We find that the game is classless and and your role is solely depended on the gun you choose. It appears to be a open skill based system where you get to customize your own character. We also get confirmation that the game will be PVE centric as there will be dungeons and boss like typical MMORPG games. From personal accounts, people are saying this game is a better version of Tabula Rasa.

Stay tuned for more news out of E3 and make sure you read the rest of the preview at

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The press is finally getting their hands on Defiance at E3 and reports are trickling in from across the internet. Today we get a report from Gamezone about their experience with the game.

My demo began with a quest through a dingy cavern with 3 fellow members of the gaming press as my co-op companions. The structure itself is typical MMO-fare – killing random mobs, downing sub-bosses, collecting loot, and eventually downing the dungeon’s final boss. Defiance stands out, though, because the experience is wrapped around a third-person shooter. We weren’t mashing number keys or furiously clicking enemies hoping it will make our attacks stronger. We weren’t assigned character classes; the role we played in the instance was defined more by what weapons and equipment we wanted. We were treated to a traditional third-person shooter setup without compromise. The structure is familiar, but the gameplay still feels unique.

And a bit on Defiance’s dynamic systesm:

After downing the boss, we were dumped into the open world but only for a brief moment. To our surprise, the sky grew dim and a sandstorm whipped into a frenzy before our eyes. This was part of Defiance’s dynamic events system. Whenever the developer desires, they can cue these multi-stage events which can provide great experience, loot, and camaraderie among dozens of players. We had stumbled onto the final stage of this event, and the fight was too tempting to pass up.

Read the rest of the article to find out how the author took advantage of an ATV and the rest of his impressions at E3

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This year at E3 ZAM got a quick look at Trion’s new MMOG, Defiance. They got their hands on the game and got invited to a short Q&A.

After the demo finished, Trion opened the floor for a brief Q&A session. We gleamed that Trion will enable some competitive play features, possibly leader boards. For truly exceptional players, their character names might even be mentioned in the television series. We also discovered that given the alien’s terraforming activities, players might wake up one day and log in to find that the world as we know it has completely changed, again.

Most detail-specific gameplay questions were met with a standard “we can’t answer that yet,” or “that’s not decided,” bringing us back to my original gripe. The fact is, whenever you have an ambitious title you can never have enough information.

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